These are some stories about my family and myself. I call them tangled tales. They may not be completely correct because of my imperfect memory or because much time has passed since the events occurred or because I wish to protect the not so innocent. Copyright 2011.

I would like to mention that I periodically rewrite these articles, trying to eliminate typos, errors of fact or to add new information or material as it becomes available. As a matter of course, I regard nothing as finished.

cecil hoge


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  1. Vincenzo Rizzo dei Ritii says:

    hi. i’m a descendant of marquis Guglielmo Rizzo dei Ritii, who married Miss Agnes Shewan in September 1st 1928 in NYC (Presbyterian Church). if you are interested abut, i have many pictures regarding Inverugie, Plumbush and Château dei Ritii in Menton (France), where Marquis & Marquise Guglielmo Rizzo dei Ritii spent a part of the every year. my great grand-mother died in Cold Spring in 1973.
    regards, vincenzo

    • Christi Lynn O'Donnell says:

      Hello! I am a teacher at the school which is now in the former Plumbush house, and I would be beyond thrilled to see copies of these photos! If you would like to get in touch with me I would really appreciate it. You can reach me at christio@manitouschool.org. I am greatly interested in Ms. Agnes’s story.

  2. Evan Gregg says:

    Hi, I came across this blog while searching for information about your father. I recently published a book of letters that my grandma saved when she worked at the complaints department of the St Paul office of Montgomery Ward. The book is called Dear Mister Ward and has been selling well. I relied heavily on your fathers book “The First Hundred Years…” for historical context related to Montgomery Ward, a company I had know nothing about. Don’t worry I give credit to the book. I’d also be happy to send you a copy if you’re interested. I have a digital and print copies. You can reach out to me at this email or on the website for the book. The website also has a piece that the NBC affiliate in St Paul did about the book. I’m glad to have stumbled on this blog, I only wish I could thank your father directly for writing such an informative book.

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